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There are many book makers and bookies who are using Pay per head sportsbook service nowadays because the trend has changed, people prefer going for advance technique i.e. online gambling than going in for a regular traditional way of betting. Undoubtedly the craze of betting on sports, live events and on online casinos has increased amongst people around the world, which may be because of any reason it can be their passion towards the games, want to earn a bit extra from their regular income and defiantly people also look for their convenience as today hardly anyone has time to spare for this extra income wherein they have to sit, analyze, look for a genuine bookie, and keep calling them during the game or an event. So people starting betting online because here for sure they have to analyze the team and then only they can bet however they save a lot of their time sitting, making calls and coordinating. They just have to bet using their mind and fingers, from wherever they wish to. So the same relief is for a bookie as well. Now they do not have to keep pen and paper handy or spend so much on hiring people, training them etc. Everything is now been done online.

There is the very simple definition of how does actually a pay per head service work, it is as simple as outsourcing your services to a third part and they run business for you. The only thing you have o do is to download a software either on your system or on a mobile phone, for sure it is a paid service where he payments will be done o the number of active bettors you have in your kitty. It is not difficult to understand how does actually these pay per head sports book work, the only difficulty is to find out the bet and reliable pay per head service provider for you.

The services that pay per head companies provide to its clients are

  1. Own website or a software: where you can create login ids for your punters and make them start betting by making payments using the same Id, it is like your bettor will create an individual account, which defiantly would be safe and secure
  2. Necessary reports: You as book maker or a bookie will be able to extract daily, weekly or monthly repost as and when required. These reports will have complete information about how much a bettor placed a bet for, how many games they actually won and lost and of course how much money or pay out do you or they owe.
  3. Trained staff: The people who handle your customers/bettors are well trained; they would know easily s to how they have to deal with the customer, so hassle to train your staff would also be lessened from your end.
  4. You can access your reports and everything related to bet 24*7.

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