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Poker is in the family of card games that brings together aspects of gambling, psychology, skills, and strategy. However, when you read more about online Canadian casinos, it becomes evident that this type of game carries a rich history. It is a game where chance determines the winner by checking the combination of the players’ cards. This game has increased in popularity in the recent past and is no longer considered a recreational activity but a popular activity. In playing this game, the privilege of moving a hand rotates from one player to the other as marked by the dealer button referred to as the buck. The button, a white plastic disk is usually rotated in a clockwise direction amongst the players and therefore determines who should play next. The cards in the poker game are dealt with in a clockwise direction on the poker table.


History of the Poker game

Poker game started in the 19th Century and since then, it has grown in popularity making it one of the common games in today’s world. The game has evolved over the years to what we know today for a period of more than a thousand years. The origin of the game is subject to discussion because different people attribute it to diverse origins. Some people believe that poker originated with the Sung Dynasty back in the 10th Century in China while another segment believes that it began in Persia back in the 16th Century. One significant aspect that is agreed by all is that the scope of the game regarding strategy and the skills used while playing it has remained the same all along its evolutional path.


Aspects of Poker were present in other games present in the 18th century such as the English game Brag, Pochen (the German game) and Poque (French game). French colonialists arrived and settled in Louisiana Territory back in the 1700s bringing Poque along but later on the name of the game was changed to Poker (American term). Based on the information provided by Joseph Crowell, the game was with a deck of 20 cards with four players placing bets on who is the most valuable player. At this time the game was ordinary played in New Orleans at around 1829 but later spread to other parts of the country by people who used Boats across Mississippi where they used to pass the time by gambling. The game was adapted and described in card games books and it later spread to the west with its popularity mushrooming at the time of civil war because soldiers were exposed to the game while moving southwards.


After the spreading of the game all over the country, at the time of the American Civil War, there were many additions and modifications to the game. Some of the additions included the wild card around 1895 and the split-pot poker in 1900. The community poker characterised the changes to the game at around 1925 and later it was spread to Asia among other countries by the U.S military. Currently, the game makes an essential aspect in the American and the English culture with most people using terms related to it even without knowing its origin.


Poker Tournaments and Champions

Tournaments got initiated in Casinos around the United States after the start of the World Series of Poker games at around 1970.  Some of the well-known champions of the early World Series Tournaments include Johnny Moss who from his youthful days had been employed to monitor games in Odessa town where he had been born. Johnny used to be considered a fair-play fanatic and at one point he is known to have injured a man who was spying on his cards while playing. He participated in the World Series of Poker from between 1970 and 1995 winning eight bracelets in all the 25 events he participated.


Some of the other poker legends are Doyle Brunson remembered for being the first million-dollar winner in a tournament. During his time, he won nine World Series of Poker bracelets and published a book on training people on how to play the game. The book he wrote and published is titled” Doyle Brunson’s Super System” which gives clear guidance on how to play the game. Thomas Austin Preston and Benny Bunion are some of the other well-known Poker legends and it is a fact that history of poker is progressive and more poker rising stars are on the rise.

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